Cattery "SILVAN" TICA # 13748
Owner: Fedoseeva Irina, Russia, Moscow.
Tel. +7-(495)-931-27-74, Mob.+7-926-233-45-16
Cattery "MON AMOUR" TICA # 13747
Owner: Kerova Natalia, Russia, Rubinsk.
Tel.+7-(4855)-21-46-08. e-mail:

Cat Show TICA in Moscow

Siamese cat

Gracefulness and power, beauty and aristocratic manner, intelligence and unexpected ingenuity, charming affection and absolute fidelity to the owner. They are as devoted as dogs to people, not places, and their sense of fun is beyond belief. All of these qualities combined with the extremely graceful tailed feline figure, with sapphire or emerald, almond-shaped eyes, are found in SIAMESE or ORIENTAL cats.

Oriental cat

A cat-friend, a cat-partner; it is always near you, it is like a mirror: when you feel bad, the cat will be sad trying to console you; when you feel good, the cat will be pleased.

Anyone who is already familiar with these breeds and has grown fond of them will be under a spell and no other breed can be the same for him or her again.

If you are visiting our website for the first time, we suggest you have a look at the page "about the breed" and "about us" where you will learn about our breeding catteries. You will be able to get more information and see photos of cats and kittens on the pages of this site. And who knows, maybe these cats have been in your dreams all your life.

Siamese cat Oriental kitten Siamese kitten

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