About us

Hello! Irina and Nataly are glad to welcome you!

We have been breeding Siamese and Oriental cats for more than 7 years. We met each other about 5 years ago and very quickly became friends. In spite of the fact that we live in different cities, we maintain a close understanding. We always participate in cat shows together, and our pets have been "one big family" for a long time now. Natalia & Ulissa Mon Amour

The paths that we followed were the same: firstly we saw a Siamese at a cat show and did not believe that cats could be so beautiful. Then we bought our first kitten and afterwards we fell in love with the breed itself. The second kitten followed. Later, we started participating in cat shows with our pets and we liked it. We met each other and many other good people. And at last the first kittens appeared in our homes! It was an unforgetable experience! So that was the very hard but gratifying way in which our breeding catteries "Silvan" and "Mon Amour" came into being.

As a result of participation in cat shows, meeting breeders and judges, we accumulated a lot of experience and knowledge. We see the prospects for the breed’s development and we have a strong vision Irina & Silvan Mask of the results we should strive for. We both have similar preferences on the types of Siamese and Oriental cats. We do not focus on any specific color. The main role for us is the modern type of cats; their harmony, beauty, elegance and health.

Besides breeding and exhibiting cats, our retired neutered cats -Rumba, Olli, Krysja and Murmas - live with us.

We find it interesting and useful to participate in cat shows in different cities of Russia, CIS and abroad. It is not only the opportunity “to see and be seen" for us, but an occasion to visit new cities, to meet new people and make friends with like-minded enthusiasts. These cat shows are not only the way to promote our pets, but our way of life. Unfortunately, it is impossible to visit all corners of our great native land and other countries. But we believe and hope that our website will give us a chance to communicate and share experiences with many good people and their lovely pets. And who knows, maybe even to meet them in person?

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